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John Stephen Lee Biography

Creative, easy listening, contemporary folk, percussive acoustic, thought provoking are words that come to mind when defining the work. John's songs (and songs he chooses to cover) relate to life's challenges, hopes & celebrations. His original songs beckon a listener to ponder truth and life's meaning. He considers honesty, truth & discovery to be the best common ground between him and the listener.

A Midwesterner growing up in small-town America he experienced a tumultuous home life during his youth, yet John associates his development as a writer to the frequent changes and difficulties he experienced. John explains, "I've heard of how unlikely it seems for an artist to come out of the Midwest with its tendency toward conservatism, traditions etc. & it sounds reasonable but with me change was constant growing up. I think adapting from my folks moving us around, having to keep making new friends and with their bumpy marriage it caused me to go inward.  And in that space a love for music was ignited. . .It first started through discovering my parents' vinyl collection and it kept going until I felt I had to write songs of my own.  Sorting chaos was and is a large part of my developmental evolution, emotionally, and writing songs as a tool for accomplishing that seemed to fit, something I don't think I would have done without the dysfunction of my past."





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